I’m Hiring a Corporate Accounts Director at Sherpaa!

Sherpaa is seeking an exceptional Corporate Accounts Director to play a key role in growing the company’s New York business.  The ideal candidate is an enthusiastic and outgoing self-starter who is proactive in driving revenue and building a client base while thriving in an entrepreneurial, fast paced environment. 

Sherpaa is a B-to-B healthcare analytics and logistics company that analyzes how your company uses healthcare and optimizes your company’s healthcare dollars. We give employees access to our 24/7 concierge doctors who solve 70% of medical problems without referring into the healthcare system. Fewer claims = fewer costs.  Watch our video here.

Here’s a link to the full JD on LinkedIn.


New internet being installed at Sherpaa HQ.

New internet being installed at Sherpaa HQ.

Wednesday morning at Sherpaa HQ.  
Brett helping our clients find their best healthcare options.  Dr. Ida Santana leading a morning yoga class.

Wednesday morning at Sherpaa HQ.  

Brett helping our clients find their best healthcare options.  Dr. Ida Santana leading a morning yoga class.

And now for something completely different…

I’m very excited to announce that as of today I have joined the team at Sherpaa as their new Vice President of Sales and Corporate Development.  I’ve known Jay Parkinson for a few years (we met on tumblr!) and he and his co-founder, Cheryl Swirnow, asked me to be a Sherpaa advisor last year.  I immediately fell in love with Sherpaa and their mission.  In October I started to do some hands-on consulting for them; one thing led to another and here we are.

When Jay and Cheryl first described the company to me many months ago I knew Sherpaa was going to be an important and massive business.  Given what they and their team have achieved over the past year they are well on their way.  I could not be more excited and honored to be joining this team.

I’ve worked in advertising sales for 16 years - my entire career up until now.  My first job was as a sales assistant at Details magazine in 1997.  The advertising industry has been good to me and I’ve enjoyed being part of it.  I’ve worked for some great companies (Conde Nast, Disney, Time Warner) and running sales at Blip for four years was an amazing experience.  But I’ve also watched as the ad business has changed.  And not always in positive ways.  It’s not so much the change from when I started to today but recent change over the past couple of years.  That’s fodder for a different post.

Today begins a new adventure.  Health care is broken.  Sherpaa has figured out how to make health care work again, for both you and your company.

You can read more about Sherpaa herehere and here.  And if you’re interested in seeing how Sherpaa can work for you drop me a note on tumblr or at evan@sherpaa.com.

Super Excited!

I’ve joined the Advisory Board at Sherpaa.  I am thrilled and honored to be able to play even a small role at this amazing company.

I’ve been an admirer of Jay’s for quite some time and jumped at the opportunity to help him and his team disrupt the healthcare industry, one tiny piece at a time.

If you have a moment I urge you to check out Sherpaa.