I know I’m gonna get shit for this but…

…I like the Yahoo purchase of Tumblr (if it happens).

Tumblr needs something to happen.  This is clear.  The team in place has taken the company as far as it can go.  They are creators - builders of stuff - they are not managers.  This lack of experience has caused issues at Tumblr that have hurt the company in the short term and are potentially devastating in the long term.  They have lost a ton of good people over the last 18 months due to internal and organizational strife.  This needs to end.  David needs to be free to do what he does best: concept and build amazing things.

Yahoo has the potential to be a great home for Tumblr.  Marissa Mayer knows what she is getting with Tumblr: an extraordinary and special entity.  She is not going to allow Yahoo to make the same mistakes that they made with Flickr.  She understands product and the importance of good design, two key elements of Tumblr’s success.

Will there be more ads?  Yes.  But frankly the Radar ad product is awful and there needs to be iteration here.  You can’t be as big as Tumblr is and hope there will not be ads.  What we can hope for - no, what we can demand - is better ads that enhance the overall Tumblr experience vs. detracting from that experience.

Tumblr really can’t raise any more money.  At least not the kind of round that would put them on a path to satisfy the business goals of the board and investors.  And there is so much they need to do (FIX SEARCH).  An acquisition by Yahoo will allow these things to happen and remove pressure from David and his key people.

A sale will also result in Yahoo gaining some really terrific, brilliant and visionary employees.  These people can impact other Yahoo products and help Yahoo become great again.  There is value in this…for all of us.  I don’t want to see Yahoo fail.  Yes, a lot of what Yahoo has done and is doing sucks.  But there are smart exciting people trying to change that.  And we should support them.  Yahoo can be great again.  And Tumblr can be a driving force for that change.

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    If this is true, we need to hear it from her.
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    DataSift. We are serfs and the internet is a feudal system.
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    Yes, because a Yahoo acquisition has done nothing but good things for the people who use the services of the companies...
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    Or it’ll all go to shit like when Livejournal got sold and then we can collectively move to the next big platform AND...
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    "It wasn’t (and isn’t) a company with vision."
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