New Thing

I started a new job today. After four terrific years at Blip I’m joining Vimeo as their new head of global sales. It’s an honor to join a company that represents such an innovative, prolific and dedicated content creator community.

  1. jdalarose said: Congratulations!
  2. apoplecticskeptic said: Congratulations, Evan!
  3. lifeduringwarptime said: Congrats and I hope your day turns out really well!
  4. knowncitizen said: Best of luck!
  5. palmtreepalmtree said: Congrats and good luck!
  6. ags said: Congrats! Been following you (and now Chloe) for a few years now, and I’m a huge Vimeo fan. Look forward to your pics of the new company fridge.
  7. notnadia said: Congrats!
  8. un said: Woah! Congratulations.
  9. talljeff said: Congrats dude! Well done!
  10. corley said: Whoa! Congratulations, friend! Wishing you all the best in your new gig.
  11. ktothestein said: wowser!
  12. lizlet said: Congrats!
  13. section9 said: Congratulations!
  14. helms-deep said: !!!!!!
  15. bakewithavengeance said: That is AWESOME! Congratulations!
  16. kateoplis said: congrats, best of luck, and a big hug to all of vimeo!
  17. lickystickypickyshe said: You are a personal hero! Congrats and have tons of fun. This all is so nice I had to say it twice!
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