Yay someone faked my credit card and used it to spend $165.38 at Dollar General yesterday.



Did they buy 165 different items?

  1. averygooddog said: Can I use your credit card to buy that Ellie Tahari coat and then you dispute the charges? Y/N?
  2. herblondness said: They sure bought a fuckload of stuff.
  3. tallgirltales said: you’re the third person i’ve heard of this week that something like this has happened to. hooray holiday shopping?
  4. unforgettabledetritus said: That really sucks and all, but I can’t help being distracted imagining what a shopping cart full of $165.38 worth of merchandise even LOOKS like at Dollar General.
  5. thehonestpalate said: I wonder how many items you can get for $165 at a dollar store. I feel like you’d need to try VERY hard.
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    Did they buy 165 different items?
  7. shimmyrock said: I don’t understand how this happens though? How do they get the information?
  8. servingbowl said: Someone tried to buy $165 worth of goods at a CVS… but chase wouldn’t permit the transaction. They did let me know of the attempted fraud. It’s nearly impossible to report credit fraud. Chase mailed a new card with two day delivery though.
  9. bobbycaputo said: Sucks
  10. liezlwashere said: man, tis the season for identity fraud.
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