Things We Saw from His Cab

Max Cohen picks me up on the corner of Bond and Lafayette Streets, in downtown Manhattan, at the cabstand where he rents his car. He’s in a beanie, flannel, and jeans, with Rockstar energy drinks crammed into his backpack for fuel. For the next 24 hours, Cohen will pick up passengers around the city, adding up the fares in his head as he goes. He’ll also document the whole thing on his photo blog, Things I See from My Cab.

Cohen is not your typical cabbie — he’s a struggling filmmaker, getting his MBA, who drives on the weekends. He made an appearance in the New Yorker recently, when he tried to make the fastest lap around Manhattan (or something like that). But Cohen does spew cabbie wisdom: Never go to a gas station between 4 and 5, am or pm, he warns. There are only 10 of them in Manhattan, and this is the time that cabbies need to fill up.

Cabbies can always spot a puker. “It’s like the cabbie version of gaydar,” he says. Cohen’s craziest cab story? The tranny fight in his back seat. The weirdest thing he’s found at the end of a shift? A didgeridoo.

We rode shotgun with Cohen for a night to see what his blog is all about.

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