…like most women, I was born with the chromosome abnormality known as “XX,” a deviation of the normative “XY” pattern. Symptoms of XX, which affects slightly more than half of the American population, include breasts, ovaries, a uterus, a menstrual cycle, and the potential to bear and nurse children. Now, many would argue even today that the lack of a Y chromosome should not affect my ability to make informed choices about what health care options and lunchtime cat videos are right for me. But others have posited, with increasing volume and intensity, that XX is a disability, even a roadblock on the evolutionary highway. This debate has reached critical mass, and leaves me uncertain of my legal and moral status. Am I a person? An object? A ward of the state? A “prostitute”? (And if I’m the last of these, where do I drop off my W-2?)

I love biting satire - the bloodier the teeth marks, the better.

Subject for Debate: Are Women People?

(Hat-Tip to SarahChristine for originally posting the link.)

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  15. hironukka said: The debate is the trickiest trick question of all. It’s better to just walk away, get a burger and then say yes to the “do I look fat in these jeans” question.
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